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Well, hello there. I’m the guy you probably don’t remember from the blog you probably never read called “There is A California Champagne by Paul Masson”. It was a blog created for analyzing a Kurt Vonnegut book (Slaughterhouse-Five) for my Literature class. When I created that, I made this blog and had the idea of posting movie reviews. Unfortunately, I never actually got around to it. So, here it is.

I am a huge fan of horror, so I’m making the decision that this blog will be largely based in horror. Also a lot of B-movies. So get ready and hold on to your butts because where we’re going we don’t need roads. (Even though roads aren’t used to read blogs; shut up, I’m trying to be cool by making film references, which means I’m smart in film knowledge; don’t you get it?)

So as a basic introduction, my name is Zach Zeman. I am a film student currently enrolled at NYU and awkwardly making my way through life. I don’t know really what else to say about myself because talking about oneself for reasons other than a brief introduction always feels a little egotistical. So, uh, yeah. Hello. Hope you enjoy my shit.

The first couple of posts are actually reviews that I posted on Creepypasta last year and they’re all a little scattered and amateurish because I wrote them in one draft/sitting at about three in the morning. But all in all, they’re my opinions of the movies they’re aboot. Hokey…so, yeah.


About slothlord

I have many aliases. Sloth Lord, Potato Phantom, Diabeetus. All of these describe the nonsense that goes through my brain(and body with the whole diabetes thing). I don't know what else to really say here...I enjoy long walks on the beach and cookie dough ice cream?

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